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Our $20K Oil Tank Testing Guarantee


Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, we will test soils extensively around and under the oil tank until we feel we can guarantee the tank test. We don’t just test soils around the oil tank, but we extend under the tank as well.

If we test your oil tank and it passes 100%, and upon removal or abandonment, the tank is found to have discharged oil up to 30 days after the test date, Steve Rich Environmental Contractors will pay for the environmental cleanup up to $20,000.00.

Notes About Oil Tank Testing

All the companies that call themselves ‘tank testing’ companies have a loophole in their reports! The reason is the tank testing cost is relatively inexpensive. If a company was to do such a comprehensive test, the cost of equipment and redundancy to guarantee a test would cost more than removing the oil tank. In reality, the test is good, just not perfect.

So, before going with a tank testing firm other than Steve Rich, ask the company to put in writing that their tank test comes with a 100% guarantee that if the tank has any holes, any leaks, needs any cleanup, or any thing at all, they will pay for it.

You will learn their reports will say the following:

  • A margin of error
  • Tolerance level factor
  • Acceptable limits
  • Representative sample limits
  • Manufacturer’s limits

No Oil Tank Test is Perfect

The first thing a prospective buyer should know is there is no oil tank test that is 100% accurate. Every tank test has flaws and disclaimers. No environmental company will ever guarantee that there is no leak and no potential liability. Depending on the needs of a specific project, there are a number of tests available. All have their own pros and cons. Except for Steve Rich Environmental Contractors.

Soil Testing/Soil Borings

This type of test is completed by advancing probes down the side of the oil tank and extracting samples. Most probes or augers are about one inch in length.

PRO: If samples are advanced under the tank grave further than just the bottom, the test will typically eliminate the risk of a major cleanup. You could however, still be responsible for a cleanup in the range of $3,000 to $8,000 if there is minor contamination.
CON: The soil test results will only tell you that in the exact spots that were sampled, there was or was not oil in that spot. This is not a guarantee.

Volumetric/Tightness Testing

There are many versions of this test, but most are regulated by the EPA. Regulations state that the test must be accurate to find leaks that are greater than ten gallons per hour. Often, because of a rusty vent pipe, results can be misleading as to whether a tank is leaking leading to more work.

PRO: Finds potential problems in other parts of the tank which might be failing prior to a leak.
CON: Not uncommon that tanks pass only to find out a major cleanup is warranted and later prove the tank has leaked 100 gallons. A tenth of a gallon per hour is just less than 2.4 gallons per day.

Want to be guaranteed and have some assurance? Hire Steve Rich!

While it costs a little more, it offers a guarantee from any added expense provided you remove the tank within 30 days of the job. With our Oil Tank Assurance testing, we use a combination of testing methods to bring our accuracy up to a 99.99% tolerance allowing us to guarantee our results. As part of the agreement, an affiliated Steve Rich Group company must remove the oil tank as well.

With Steve Rich Environmental Contractors, you’ll have peace of mind.

It is very important to realize that no oil tank test provides enough information to determine the extent of contamination or the cost of remediation.

Steve Rich came up with this approved way of testing soil after discovering that EVERY tank testing company had a margin of error. Testing was only accurate within their tolerances, and would not guarantee 100% that there was no contamination in the ground.

Remember, when a company badmouths a specific company without facts, they are hiding something or looking to take advantage of you. We will explain our procedures and give you the pros and cons of other procedures. We urge you to not sign with another company before you feel you are 100% covered.

Tank Testing Procedure


One of our experienced technicians will arrive at your site to evaluate an underground storage tank. The technician will locate the fill pipe. They will then check for product and water measurements as well as the depth of the tank, using an oil measuring stick. The exact size, boundaries and perimeter will be established.

Don’t hire any testing company until you ask: “Is this test guaranteed?”

Soil Analysis Procedure

ground-water-in-sampleThe technician will then visually check your property for utilities, which include water, sewer, gas, phone, cable, and electric. Using a thin metal probe, the technician will then confirm the tank size by probing the soil to confirm the ends of the tank.

Next, the technician will utilize a series of earth boring equipment, including but not limited to augers, rotary hammers, GeoProbe, hand augers and core drills.

Soil samples will be collected from 0-6 inches below the base of the tank at most locations. If these are confirmed with field analysis and or a PID meter to be negative of hydrocarbons, a sample will be extended to at least 24” below the oil tank and possibly until ground water is found to thoroughly test the soils. The samples will then be combined in equal amounts into one jar and transported to a NJDEP lab.

Example to a patched hole from a probe.

On projects where refusal is met (typically rock or concrete at or under the the oil tank bottom), with approval,  a standard tank test will be performed at a reduced rate voiding the guarantee (typically only 50% of the price).

Site conditions vary and the guarantee can only be given when Steve Rich can complete all the work as described, without limitations or obstructions.

In cases where full access cannot be achieved, a minimum mobilization fee of $200.00 will be charged.

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Michael S
We hired Steve Rich Environmental Contractors to remove an above ground oil tank after we converted from an old oil boiler to a forced air system in our property in Montclair, NJ. They did a fantastic job not only with the removal process but also coordinating with the local township inspector to ensure the permit was closed. Their pricing is very competitive compared other companies. If you are looking for a professional and efficient tank removal company, I highly recommend Steve Rich Environmental Contractors.
Daniel Yang
Felix and his team (Lisa, Beth, Glenn, Danny and Perry) are fantastic. The oil tank removal process can certainly be quite complex. The folks at Steve Rich made it rather seamless. Everyone there is very responsive and accurate and quite pleasant to speak to. Highly recommend Felix and his team for oil tank removals.
Holly Tracy
We're very happy we chose Steve Rich Environmental Contractors to remove our above-ground oil tank. The office team was responsive, timely, thorough and friendly, giving us all the information and documents we needed to initiate the job. The team who came to remove our tank was professional, informative, and just plain great! The cost of the tank removal was more than competitive, and we are highly satisfied on all levels -- including professionalism, timeliness, and value. We highly recommend this company! We couldn't have had a better experience!
Ruth O.
I'm glad we hire this company there very friendly, responsible and reliable. would highly recommend to anyone. Great service
gerard ditaranto
Very competitively priced tank removal. Happy with their work and the entire process. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
David Guzman Real Estate
Over the holidays, everyone was busy trying to get all the work done before the break. I called SREC, and they accommodated their schedule and were able to fit us in right on time before our inspection deadline. Felix was great to deal with. Glenn followed up and was on point with excellent communication. I highly recommend them. ???? A+
Jon Morris
Great to work with, timely, transparent about the process and reasonably priced. Highly recommend if you ever need any of the services they provide!
Lakshmee Bahadur
The sales persons were very patient in explaining the whole process with me and were very pleasant no matter how many times I called to clarify something. Also the workers taking the tank out and filling in the hole were also very pleasant, kind and professional in their duties.
Steve Togher
You hear all kinds of stories about people being taken advantage of when it comes to oil tank removal. When speaking with Felix Santana of Steve Rich Environmental, you will get an honest and informed estimate. Yes, a lot cannot be known until the tank is out of the ground and inspected, but Felix will take you through the possible outcomes and possible costs to the best of his ability. He really knows his stull. We paid the quoted price for the tank removal and then we paid an additional cost to dispose of the foam that was used to decommission the tank. Thankfully we had no leaking. Beth, Glen and Lisa in the office are also very professional and responsive. Oil tank removal can be an expensive endeavor, but with Steve Rich you won't be taken advantage of, IMHO.
Andrea Pribula
Felix and his crew (Oscar and Ryan) were absolutely amazing! I am so glad they were recommended to me, I couldn't be any happier. Felix goes above and beyond to be available to answer any and all questions and put your mind at ease. The whole process was smooth and they were in and out, clean professional, never annoyed with the customers, kids, neighbors looking on as they worked to remove the tank and asking all the questions. Very friendly, very knowledgeable. These are your guys! If you need an oil tank removed, I highly recommend.

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