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Steve Rich’s Environmental Abatement Services

Our professional abatement services provides our clients with a wide array of hazardous waste disposal solutions for large and small quantity generators. We offer multi-treatment capabilities with single-site convenience for a vast range of hazardous substances and materials.

Types of Hazardous Waste We Handle


Our comprehensive hazardous waste disposal and treatment capabilities include neutralization of acids and bases, oxidation and reduction and the hydrolysis of water reactives. We accept waste in drums, cylinders and lab pack configurations.

Gas Cylinders

Our comprehensive gas cylinder program is founded on our expertise in gas handling, process engineering, regulatory knowledge and specialty chemical treatment. We design safe, efficient treatment options for over 500 gases that would otherwise require more expensive disposal.


We accept and neutralize a broad variety of corrosive wastes, including: inorganic acid, phosphoric, nitric and chromic acids, as well as inorganic basic mixtures or discarded base products, such as sodium hydroxide, ammonium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide. We also accept organic acids and bases, such as amines and acetic acid.

Fuels Blending

For fuels blending, we will pick up organic liquids, sludges and solids. We also accept fuels with high halogen content or those containing RCRA-regulated metal.


We accept pesticides in solid, liquid and gaseous states, including RCRA-regulated and non-regulated pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and rodenticides. SET treats and consolidates these types of waste for final disposal.

Mercury Wastes

We are able to collect most metallic Mercury-containing instruments. We are also able to take care of most of the inorganic Mercury salts and salt solutions, such as mercuric chloride and mercuric sulfate, as well as organic Mercury wastes such as phenyl mercuric acetate. If in small quantities, we can lab pack Mercury waste or put it into drums and profile it as part of a waste stream.

Fluorescent Bulbs/Batteries/Light Ballasts

You can ship bulbs to us either whole or crushed. Please note that the EPA prohibits waste generators from crushing spent Mercury-containing lamps as a form of treatment unless the EPA specifically authorizes state programs that allow crushing under controlled conditions OPUS also accepts a variety of batteries, including alkaline, nickel cadmium, lead acid and Mercury. You can package batteries directly into drums of any size or you can lab pack small quantities for shipment to us. Each type of battery must be packaged separately, according to DOT regulations, except for alkaline, which are not regulated. Larger batteries can be shipped on pallets or in boxes.

We can accept PCB and non-PCB ballasts, as long as ballasts containing PCB are declared “exempt”, that is, they are small enough to meet the exempt guidelines per TSCA regulations. Ballasts can be packaged in drumsand must be shipped according to DOT regulations if the quantity of PCB material exceeds 1 pound.

Hazardous Waters

We accept wastes primarily composed of water contaminated with hazardous metals, such as lead, chromium, cadmium and other RCRA metals. Wastes received in drums or other containers are consolidated and then shipped for stabilization or incineration.

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Based on 70 reviews
Michael S
We hired Steve Rich Environmental Contractors to remove an above ground oil tank after we converted from an old oil boiler to a forced air system in our property in Montclair, NJ. They did a fantastic job not only with the removal process but also coordinating with the local township inspector to ensure the permit was closed. Their pricing is very competitive compared other companies. If you are looking for a professional and efficient tank removal company, I highly recommend Steve Rich Environmental Contractors.
Daniel Yang
Felix and his team (Lisa, Beth, Glenn, Danny and Perry) are fantastic. The oil tank removal process can certainly be quite complex. The folks at Steve Rich made it rather seamless. Everyone there is very responsive and accurate and quite pleasant to speak to. Highly recommend Felix and his team for oil tank removals.
Holly Tracy
We're very happy we chose Steve Rich Environmental Contractors to remove our above-ground oil tank. The office team was responsive, timely, thorough and friendly, giving us all the information and documents we needed to initiate the job. The team who came to remove our tank was professional, informative, and just plain great! The cost of the tank removal was more than competitive, and we are highly satisfied on all levels -- including professionalism, timeliness, and value. We highly recommend this company! We couldn't have had a better experience!
Ruth O.
I'm glad we hire this company there very friendly, responsible and reliable. would highly recommend to anyone. Great service
gerard ditaranto
Very competitively priced tank removal. Happy with their work and the entire process. I would use them again in a heartbeat.
David Guzman Real Estate
Over the holidays, everyone was busy trying to get all the work done before the break. I called SREC, and they accommodated their schedule and were able to fit us in right on time before our inspection deadline. Felix was great to deal with. Glenn followed up and was on point with excellent communication. I highly recommend them. ???? A+
Jon Morris
Great to work with, timely, transparent about the process and reasonably priced. Highly recommend if you ever need any of the services they provide!
Lakshmee Bahadur
The sales persons were very patient in explaining the whole process with me and were very pleasant no matter how many times I called to clarify something. Also the workers taking the tank out and filling in the hole were also very pleasant, kind and professional in their duties.
Steve Togher
You hear all kinds of stories about people being taken advantage of when it comes to oil tank removal. When speaking with Felix Santana of Steve Rich Environmental, you will get an honest and informed estimate. Yes, a lot cannot be known until the tank is out of the ground and inspected, but Felix will take you through the possible outcomes and possible costs to the best of his ability. He really knows his stull. We paid the quoted price for the tank removal and then we paid an additional cost to dispose of the foam that was used to decommission the tank. Thankfully we had no leaking. Beth, Glen and Lisa in the office are also very professional and responsive. Oil tank removal can be an expensive endeavor, but with Steve Rich you won't be taken advantage of, IMHO.
Andrea Pribula
Felix and his crew (Oscar and Ryan) were absolutely amazing! I am so glad they were recommended to me, I couldn't be any happier. Felix goes above and beyond to be available to answer any and all questions and put your mind at ease. The whole process was smooth and they were in and out, clean professional, never annoyed with the customers, kids, neighbors looking on as they worked to remove the tank and asking all the questions. Very friendly, very knowledgeable. These are your guys! If you need an oil tank removed, I highly recommend.

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